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Pretty Words
fanfiction recommendations
Pretty Words is a multifandom fanfiction recommendation site. This community is for the reccers to post their recs and for the site maintainer to announce updates. If you read fic in two or more fandoms and would be interested in joining the rec team, please contact the community moderator at sarken @ livejournal dot com for posting access. We welcome all fandoms, regardless of whether or not we have previously recced in them.

If you are a member and are going to rec a fic, please make sure to include all the information in this template rec. The format isn't important, although sticking to this makes updating easier.

Story Title by A. N. Author [URL for Story] (Fandom)

A. N. Author manages to take each member of the dysfunctional Yokas family and return them to their previous states -- Fred's a alcoholic and a Bosco-hater, Faith and Bosco are best friends again, Emily needs to be grounded but not killed, and Charlie actually makes an appearance -- without actually going in reverse. Isn't it odd how a step forward can bring you back to the beginning?

If you're here to read, grab yourself a caffeinated beverage and a comfortable chair -- if the Pretty Words rec team is doing the job right, you'll be here for a long time. Don't forget to let the authors know if you've enjoyed their work. (The rec team doesn't mind a pat on the back either, if you're so inclined.) No story is ever too old for feedback.

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